Golden Gate American Flyer Club
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January 15, 2022 Meeting

Now that Flyer Fest is over, freeing us up from the business decisions and the work of planning and executing the meet, we can get back to what brought us together in the first place.

Flyer stlyle Galloping GooseWe had a lot of interesting items to look at and run at the meeting this month.  Paul Guaraglia brought an interesting custom item that was originally from Jake Jacobsen's collection.  It is basically a Flyer version of a "Galloping Goose," as seen on the Rio Grande Southern in Colorado.   It has a single axle in the rear powered by a Casey Jones motor along with its gear and wheel.  The passenger compartment appears to be a somewhat shortened Franklin coach or combine.  It has a 2 position reverse unit, but we weren't able to get it going in any direction other than forward.  Click on the photo for a view of the Goose in action on Bill Riechmann's layout.

Flyer Goose Video

VisecupsRich Lenart brought in a slightly different quartering tool.   We are familiar with the tools that do three wheels at a time, but this one is a bit simpler and does one wheel at a time and that is all that is required.   It also makes use of the fact that practically all Flyer enthusiasts have a vise.  The alignment edges of the tool sit flat against the top of the vice jaws keeping both sides properly aligned as the wheel is pressed on to the axles. 

Finally, Bill Drake brought in some interesting examples of California prototype equipment in S Gauge, a Northwestern Pacific box car and a Pacific Electric box car and finally Putt S Gauge trolley in Pacific Electric Colors.  Click on the images for a larger view.

Northwestern Pacific Box Car Pacific Electric Box Putt Trolley-Pacific Electric