Bill Riechmann's Layout & Projects
A look at Bill's layout and his custom painted rolling stock
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Yard Area
This is one of several yard areas on the layout, which provide storage for Bill's extensive collection.
Industrial Area
Some billboard reefers and some old tank cars are spotted in the area.
Turntable Area
Royal Blue Locomotive Repaint
Custom repainted Royal Blue locomotive
Royal Blue Coach
We all know American Flyer neglected to make matching blue passenger cars for the Royal Blue, but Bill has corrected that oversight.
Royal Blue Dome Observation
More than just a repaint, Bill has created a dome observation car.
The Red Arrow
Another of Bill's conversions and repaints
Hershey Express
Bill has created an entire train dedicated to the transportation of Hershey chocolate.
See's Candy Club Car - Version 1
The GGAFC 2014 Flyerfest West offered this car and an alternate design, which inspired Bill to create the rest of the train.
See's Candy Club Car - Version 2
Here is the GGAFC 2014 Flyerfest West car in the Alternate design.
See's Candy Caboose
The See's Candy train needed a caboose and Bill provided one.
See's Candy Gondola
What better way to carry candy than in a gondola?
See's Candy Locomotive
Motive power for the See's Candy Train